Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Monkey bathroom help??

So, I have had this bathroom set for the kids bathroom for gosh...probably over a month or two now and still can't decide what color to paint the walls!! Right now the walls are white, we use to have Dora in there but Kendall informed me that she was "not into Dora any more" If it was up to her it would be in Hannah Montana (I wouldn't be surprised at all if they really did have a Hannah Montana bathroom set on the market either!) Ryleigh wanted princess. I wanted to do something unisex so we went with the monkeys which they both liked. I have the border to put up but can't make up my mind on the color. I have thought about the tanish or one of the greens..brown? Or maybe even keeping it white? So here I am asking of advise, opinions and suggestions?? Any ideas? Please? Here's the pics =)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pictures from this weekend!

Soccer, Parties and Plays Oh My!!

I can always tell that the spring/summer season has finally arrived because every weekend seems to be jammed packed with activities. This past weekend started out with an all day field trip to a farm in Holland with Kendall's class on Friday. I sure give them teachers a lot of credit, spending all day with a group of twenty-two 5-6 yr old kids, was enough for me to last a year! (Not that I didn't have a good time, but by the end of the day WOW!... nuff said ) Then that night we had dinner at Northside Pub for my mom's birthday. It was so nice because my sister and her family were in town for my nieces birthday the following day so the whole family was there which doesn't happen very often. Saturday morning we had Kendall's soccer game. She is having a ball with soccer this year and is actually playing very well. Saturday afternoon we had my niece Gracie's 3rd birthday party. It wasn't at the park like my sister had planned because of the weather, but the kids still had a great time. Gracie has always loved riding on Kendall and Ryleigh's power wheels, so she was so excited to finally get her own. She needs a little practice with her steering though. She would pretty much just drive head on into whatever was in her path, which was pretty funny to watch until she almost ran right into my dad with his two brand new hips!! On Sunday my mother-in-law and I took the girls to see "The Wizard of Oz" at the Frauenthal Center. (which is where I got my lame title to this post LOL!) What a great time. The girls absolutely loved it. I was a little nervous taking Ryleigh because of her age but she did pretty good. She got a little antsy a few times but there was always something that would pull her attention back to the play. Only one time did I have to pull out a scare tactic and tell her that I thought I saw the Wicked Witch of the West peeking out from the curtain to see what little girl was getting out of her seat. Worked like a charm!! LOL! I wish I would of taken some pictures of them at the theater because they just looked so grown up sitting there all dressed up for their very first play!
I took so many pictures its hard to choose so I am going to make a slide show and post it soon!