Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ah....mommy kharma

Today is just one of those bad mommy days. I'm short tempered with the kids, it's been raining all day and I've had to be out in it running errands, I have a headache...just not really in a great mood and the kids are testing me. I made them dinner, put it on there plates with the divided trays. Handed it to them, and Ryleigh immediately spills half her milk all over her chicken nuggets. I sharply said "Well dammit, Ryleigh! This is rediculous!" and stomped over, picked up her plate, dumped out her nuggets in the garbage, dried her plate and made her new nuggets. Yeah, it was an accident and I shouldn't have been mad at her, much less spoken to her like that, but I'm human and I'm not having a great day. I'm taking her her new dinner, and I sternly say "Now you need to settle down and sit still and eat your dinner. DO NOT spill again!" Set the plate down....and I promptly knock over the remaining half of her milk. She just stares at me bug eyed, covers her mouth. I know she wants to laugh but even she knows Mommy is not in a great place today. I just shook my head and started laughing. Apologized to her, we cleaned it up and now....hopefully....we can continue dinner with no more messes. I hate days like this, and I really hate it when my attitude and short temper come back to bite me in the butt!! Hopefully I can get through the rest of the day much better!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fail Blog

I have to admit I am the biggest fan of, HILARIOUS - LOVE IT!!!

Sorry the link is not working, so you will have to cut & paste. I promise its worth it though! =)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another baffling Boy-ism

So we decided to tackle the whole potty training thing with Parker today. Up until today I hadn't really even thought about it. In fact I just went out and bought him some "big boy undies" today. Of the six pair that I bought, five are currently downstairs waiting to be washed. I just asked him a little while ago if he wanted to go sit on the potty and go pee-pee. His response? "No, I no have go pee-pee, but I have to toot." Then he actually passed gas, giggled and said "see?" Then ran out of the room. Boys! I think I am going to have my work cut out for me getting this boy potty trained!

Here he is sporting his "Cars" undies. He's so proud! (although he wasn't too proud to pee in them about 5 minutes after I took this picture!)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mottley Crew at Great Wolf 2009!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dear Santa...

I think most people remember there first Christmas after they find out there isn't really a Santa. I know I remember mine. I knew that the day was coming that Kendall would start to question the whole thing, but I was still pretty surprised when Brian's mom mentioned to him yesterday that Kendall had told her she didn't think Santa was real. I was really hoping to get one more year out of her. All of a sudden, I pictured my baby girl wearing a bra, shaving her legs, and wearing deodorant. I just want to keep her innocence! I know that it's not a big deal, but to me not believing is the first step in my eyes. So I decided to really kick it into overdrive this year with the whole Santa thing. Luckily I had letters for Santa that they could fill out and mail to the "North Pole". I don't know what my next step is going to be in my mission, but I'm hoping to make a believer out of my girl for one more year!! I definitely got a few good laughs out of some of the items they put on there list. The first thing Ryleigh wanted me to write down was googlie eyes (???) and a "light up nose like Rudolf". (again???) The girls pretty much said what they think Parker wanted from Santa because he just kept saying all kinds of verious silly thigs. The first thing Kendall wanted was some "Nail kit" she seen on TV. I have no idea what that is or where I can find it. Darn TV commercials!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fall cooking-cheesy potato soup style

Okay. If you’re trying to eat healthily(is that a word?) and eliminate fat and calories from your diet, I wouldn’t be a friend if I didn’t tell you right now to RUN. Run FAR AWAY from this recipe. I tried to get embarrassed about posting it. But I couldn’t. And the reason I couldn’t is that I wouldn’t be a friend if I didn’t share its deliciousness with you; it’s really that good!!! I got the recipe from a friend at work and have made it at least 3 times already this soup ever if you ask me.

This is what you'll need (I did forget to include the main ingredient, potato's in the picture)

Start by boiling 6-7 large potato's. If you have smaller potato's just add some more. I usually cut them in quarters so they cook faster. I take off the skins after they are cooked, but you can always peel them before you boil them. Just be sure that they are cooked through, I made the mistake of forgetting this step and can tell you that crunchy potato's really take away from the soup!

While the potato's are cooking chop up about 8 pieces of cooked bacon (I take the easy route and use the pre-cooked kind thrown in the micro to make them crispy) and also get all the rest of my ingredients measured so they are ready when I need them.

Cut the potato's into bit size pieces and set aside.

Next melt 2/3 cup butter(yup real butter)in a large pan. When its melted add 1/2 cup of flour(packed)slowly while stirring with a whisk.

After it's well blended add 6 cups milk. Add 2 chicken bouillon cubes, and salt and pepper to taste. Now cook on med- low heat until you have a slow boil stirring constantly.

After you have a slow boil add 1 cup of cheddar cheese. Add the chopped bacon. Mix until just melted.

Add your potato's.

After all the potato's are in add 8 oz of sour cream. Stir until blended. Remove soup from heat. At this point you would add more milk or flour to make it thicker or thinner or add more salt and pepper if needed.

Serve with some more crumbled bacon sprinkled on top. Yum!!