Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ah....mommy kharma

Today is just one of those bad mommy days. I'm short tempered with the kids, it's been raining all day and I've had to be out in it running errands, I have a headache...just not really in a great mood and the kids are testing me. I made them dinner, put it on there plates with the divided trays. Handed it to them, and Ryleigh immediately spills half her milk all over her chicken nuggets. I sharply said "Well dammit, Ryleigh! This is rediculous!" and stomped over, picked up her plate, dumped out her nuggets in the garbage, dried her plate and made her new nuggets. Yeah, it was an accident and I shouldn't have been mad at her, much less spoken to her like that, but I'm human and I'm not having a great day. I'm taking her her new dinner, and I sternly say "Now you need to settle down and sit still and eat your dinner. DO NOT spill again!" Set the plate down....and I promptly knock over the remaining half of her milk. She just stares at me bug eyed, covers her mouth. I know she wants to laugh but even she knows Mommy is not in a great place today. I just shook my head and started laughing. Apologized to her, we cleaned it up and now....hopefully....we can continue dinner with no more messes. I hate days like this, and I really hate it when my attitude and short temper come back to bite me in the butt!! Hopefully I can get through the rest of the day much better!


jennie said...


I think it probably doesn't help, but you know we all have been there. Glad you could laugh.

And I know that Kharma is real!!!

Lea said...

Thanks for the laugh!! I too have days like that...sometimes more often than I like to admit.
It's normal...and it's great you were able to apologize and laugh it off.