Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fall cooking-cheesy potato soup style

Okay. If you’re trying to eat healthily(is that a word?) and eliminate fat and calories from your diet, I wouldn’t be a friend if I didn’t tell you right now to RUN. Run FAR AWAY from this recipe. I tried to get embarrassed about posting it. But I couldn’t. And the reason I couldn’t is that I wouldn’t be a friend if I didn’t share its deliciousness with you; it’s really that good!!! I got the recipe from a friend at work and have made it at least 3 times already this soup ever if you ask me.

This is what you'll need (I did forget to include the main ingredient, potato's in the picture)

Start by boiling 6-7 large potato's. If you have smaller potato's just add some more. I usually cut them in quarters so they cook faster. I take off the skins after they are cooked, but you can always peel them before you boil them. Just be sure that they are cooked through, I made the mistake of forgetting this step and can tell you that crunchy potato's really take away from the soup!

While the potato's are cooking chop up about 8 pieces of cooked bacon (I take the easy route and use the pre-cooked kind thrown in the micro to make them crispy) and also get all the rest of my ingredients measured so they are ready when I need them.

Cut the potato's into bit size pieces and set aside.

Next melt 2/3 cup butter(yup real butter)in a large pan. When its melted add 1/2 cup of flour(packed)slowly while stirring with a whisk.

After it's well blended add 6 cups milk. Add 2 chicken bouillon cubes, and salt and pepper to taste. Now cook on med- low heat until you have a slow boil stirring constantly.

After you have a slow boil add 1 cup of cheddar cheese. Add the chopped bacon. Mix until just melted.

Add your potato's.

After all the potato's are in add 8 oz of sour cream. Stir until blended. Remove soup from heat. At this point you would add more milk or flour to make it thicker or thinner or add more salt and pepper if needed.

Serve with some more crumbled bacon sprinkled on top. Yum!!


jennie said...

I wish everyone would do this!I need more recipes, and this looks good and easy! Maybe I'll have to share one too, but it may consist of boiling pasta and opening a jar of prego;)
Thanks for sharing!

Mandy said...

Lisa, this is great!! Thanks for sharing! I am ALWAYS looking for great soup receipes! I will be making this! Great receipe! Sounds easy enough even I can do!!
Glad to see a post! I miss reading your blogs!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
This looks so yummy!! I have a pkg. of real bacon pieces in my frig. and have been wondering what to do with them. I am surely going to make this soup. I might have a good one for you soon. They are selling soup cook books from the agency to profit the food pantry. There are soups in there from restaurants around the area. I am buying one soon.
See you at the x-mas party,
Aunt Colleen

Lori said...

Great. Now I am REALLY hungry! I love potato soup! I am definately going to make this... I don't care if Mike will eat it or not! It looks and sounds delicious! Thanks.

Shelly said...

it sounds yummy even though I am not a fan of it. Thanks for sharing, you never did tell me how your chicken gravy turned out!

Theresa said...

I totally missed this one!!! Mandy told me about it...and all i can say is OH MY GOODNESS!!! this looks SO GOOD!!! I love bacona nd cheddar sheese and (NONBLAND) potato soup!!! Thanks for sharing!!! I cannot wait to make this!!

Rachael said...

Thanks for the nursing advice Lisa:) I wish that we could do clinicals on the off shift sometimes. It seems like a few of the first shift nurses think we are a pain in the butt. We probably are, but how else are we going to learn:)
The soup looks delicious! Maybe I can talk Gary into making it while I am at school tonight...yea right!