Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dear Santa...

I think most people remember there first Christmas after they find out there isn't really a Santa. I know I remember mine. I knew that the day was coming that Kendall would start to question the whole thing, but I was still pretty surprised when Brian's mom mentioned to him yesterday that Kendall had told her she didn't think Santa was real. I was really hoping to get one more year out of her. All of a sudden, I pictured my baby girl wearing a bra, shaving her legs, and wearing deodorant. I just want to keep her innocence! I know that it's not a big deal, but to me not believing is the first step in my eyes. So I decided to really kick it into overdrive this year with the whole Santa thing. Luckily I had letters for Santa that they could fill out and mail to the "North Pole". I don't know what my next step is going to be in my mission, but I'm hoping to make a believer out of my girl for one more year!! I definitely got a few good laughs out of some of the items they put on there list. The first thing Ryleigh wanted me to write down was googlie eyes (???) and a "light up nose like Rudolf". (again???) The girls pretty much said what they think Parker wanted from Santa because he just kept saying all kinds of verious silly thigs. The first thing Kendall wanted was some "Nail kit" she seen on TV. I have no idea what that is or where I can find it. Darn TV commercials!!